New Feature: Psychotropic Monitor

Monitoring Antipsychotics, Benzodiazepines and Opioids in Aged Care

Under new Aged Care Quality Standards, there will be a greater focus on the use of psychotropic drugs in the aged care environment. Closer Monitoring of Psychotropic medications will be required.

Previous Government initiated reports into quality in aged care have recommended reviews of regular antipsychotics being taken by dementia patients every 3 months. It is also best practice to consider follow-up reviews every 6 months for patients being prescribed other psychoactive agents such as benzodiazepines and opioids. An RMMR is an ideal way to undertake a collaborative review of these medications.

A number of new features have been released in Medication Review Monitor™ (MRM), to assist accredited pharmacists in supporting and implementing the Aged Care Quality Standards by conducting RMMRs in a targeted way to patients taking these high risk medications.

Case Medicines Indicator

A traffic light indicator has been added to the main patient profile screen that monitors levels of antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and opioids prescribed. The fourth (RHS) traffic light indicates the patient's Extended Drug Burden Score (eDBS). Place the mouse over each indicator for details.
Colour code:
Green indicates the dose prescribed is below what would normally trigger a recommendation for an additional monitor review.
Yellow indicates a Flagged issue that may require closer monitoring.

Orange indicates that the prescribed dose would require close monitoring and an additional review would be recommended.

Red indicates that the prescribed dose is above the recommended maximum and an additional review is strongly recommended.
Psychotropic Indicator

RMMR Facility Manager

  • The snapshot showing the review status of all facilities under management has been updated to include, as Due, patients on psychotropics where an additional review (3 months for antipsychotic use, 6 months for benzodiazepines and opioids) is recommended.

  • A new Psychotropic Monitor node has been added (under the Organise Site Visit node) to assist the accredited pharmacist in monitoring and requesting additional reviews for patients on psychotropics, in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards. As per the standard Organise Site Visit screen, pharmacists can request, track and manage referrals, using specialised Additional Psychotropic Review templates.
Psychotropic Monitor screenshot
  • The new Psychotropic Snapshot report lists the number of patients within each facility that are prescribed psychotropics, by category (Flag, Issue, Max). The data can be displayed by raw count or by percent of total beds.

Psychotropic Snapshot report screenshot
  • The new Psychotropic Prescribing Details report details the psychotropic prescribing patterns of each doctor caring for patients in the selected facility.

Psychotropic Detail report