Medscope Medication Review Manager Data Mining

Analysing your medication reviews data for QUM trend information

Data collected during your medication reviews can help GPs and aged care facilities identify trends that could have a significant impact on how medication is administered - Quality Use of Medicines (QUM).

The statistical analysis reports in Medication Review Manager were updated in version 1.60 to help the pharmacist to analyse trends across all of their medication review patients. Data can be segmented by GP, aged case facility and drug classes.

QUM Analysis reports available in MRM

  • HMR and RMMR medication usage reports
    Segmented by GP and/or drug class, these reports illustrate trends in medication usage across all your patients. The reports also show the administration trends of individual doctors compared to the administration behavior of the sum of your other doctors.

  • HMR and RMMR QUM incidents (issues) by drug class
    Find out which classes of drugs have the highest rates of medication related problems. The data can be segmented by GP, drug class and/or aged care facility. The report identifies classes of drugs that may not be fully understood.

  • Medication Related Problem reports
    MRM can analyse your data to find out the most common issues amongst your medication review patients. The data can be segmented by RMMR facility, By GP and by drug class. The report assists in the implementation of QUM strategies.

How to use these reports

HMRs - Providing feedback information to GPs
We recommend pharmacists organise regular quarterly meetings with their GPs to discuss the findings captured by the new MRM analysis reports. The analysis of your data can help GPs identify common issues associated with various drug classes, and help GPs better understand the effects of the drugs they administer. By sharing the analysis of your medication review data, GPs are more likely to appreciate the benefits of Home Medication Reviews.

RMMRs - Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) reports
Most aged care facility RMMR contracts now require the pharmacist to provide reports to the facility's medication advisory committee to help them implement the facility's QUM policies. The new analysis and statistic reports available in MRM from version 1.60 help does the work for you. MRM can generate a rich set of facility dependant reports that can assist MAC committees with their QUM strategies.

Management reports

In addition to the QUM analysis reports, MRM has a number of statistical reports to assist the pharmacist in managing their reviews.
  • HMR Sources
    Where do your HMRs coming from? Report on the number of referrals being sourced from individual GPs, clinics and/or pharmacies.

  • Collaborative Vs Non-Collaborative RMMRs
    A detailed look at the numbers of collaborative and non-collaborative referrals, segmented by GP and/or aged care facility.

  • Review statistics
    A break-down of every review. Details of when each stage of each review was completed and by whom.

Accessing the reports

The Follow-up management console