Medscope Medication Review Manager Reviews

Medication Review Manager Reviews.


The following are comments were posted by MRM users:

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Probably the best help line I have experienced with any company, the personal service is great! Lauren Haworth
Good system and easy to use. However, I would prefer a more modern font in the generated Word report. The font used is old-fashioned.

Great and prompt support always.
Tia Vu
Great software to use! I love how organised I have become since using Medscope and has made report writing a much more pleasant experience.

A pleasure dealing with Medscope, as always.
The Medication Review Manager definitely streamlines the HMR process. The format of the report has increased the amount of feedback I am receiving from the doctors. The automated recommendations are also very helpful as they reduce the chance of me as a Pharmacist missing any clinical findings i.e a diabetic who is not on a statin.

The company is excellent to deal with. The response time is very prompt. Regards Alex Arnokouros.
Alex Arnokouros
option to manually include unmapped medical conditions such as what we can do with medications and allergies. integration of anticholinergic index burden tool.

Sherrie Perry

George is delightful and provides great training Potentially I can see it will be a time saver ThanksNikki Steinke
Easy to navigate through when setting patients up and performing reports. Sometimes difficult to navigate when recalling patients and reports. Not sure how do archive deceased patients so that they don't appear on follow up list.

Medscope Response: Hi Teresa, use the search field to easily locate a patient, either in the working management list or your archives. You can mark a patient as deceased by editing their address book record, and checking the 'deceased' checkbox. They will no longer appear for follow-up or for repeat HMRs/RMMRs

Excellent and very helpful
Teresa Bawden
Great software platform, could use an update to brand names eg Crosuva not in system. Also, fax numbers should be removed from the templates, no one uses them anymore.

Very professional
Really positive experience to use regularly in doing RMMRs. It ensures a similar process is adopted each time. Some suggestions for content are adopted for use and others are not appropriate, but good to consider.

Great Thanks
in reflection of the legislative prescribing changes from February 1, could drugs be selected via the active ingredient only? perhaps make available an option for a secondary option if brand is deemed to need mentioning

Kirstin Dunne
Good tool to help with medication review, just not all blood tests are available to choose from. Also, not all medications are available too

Joanne Sorensen
Hi , I am getting a little frustrated when if the report is not completed after the initial 'Submit' then leaving the report/patient screen requires another 'submit 'and all selections are cleared. The 'Submit' can take a while which is wasting precious time. Items need to be reselected. Can this be streamlined so that once the initial 'Submit' is done, leaving the page assumes you want to keep your original selections. Also I am finding that if I need to access the internet to check a reference, the page 'bombs' out and I have to start from the beginning of the process in selecting the Resident I was working on again. (And having then to re'submit' my report.Is this something that I can do to prevent this other than having a second device available. Cheers, Jo Sorensen

Medscope Response: Hi Jo, the system remembers all selections and the report can be regenerated without having to re-submit Ė select print report from the Referral Management Screen. The Issues selections are only automatically cleared if changes are made to the patient meds or medical history Ė which you would expect given that any changes made may have a significant impact on the report outcomes.

Joanne Sorensen
Fabulous medication management system. Easy to use and the format of the reports resonates with GPs

Wonderful customer service from the day I started using Medscope
Anne Buxton
I was using a different program previously but decided to give MRM a go. More features and a better set up. The best thing about MRM is having all my referrals in order, and streamlining the claim process. I also like the report template. I still have few things to learn about MRM to maximise my investment in the program.

So far Medscope has been great to deal with. I had an issue getting the program to load and sent off an email. I was phoned directly the next day and my problem was resolved.
Janelle Dockray
I love this program, writing report is much easier and nearly all doctors are sending me back their response to suggested action plans.

Any problems I have had has been dealt promptly
A very useful tool when developing your recommendations and presents a well laid out report that doctors appreciate

Very simple set-up and payment.
Andrew Ballantyne
Excellent customer service. Always there to assist with any technical issues. Michelle Leong
This user-friendly program has made the whole process of HMRs more streamlined from data entry to claiming, it saves me so much time.

Support has been excellent, easy to get in touch with when I have had any questions and very prompt replies. Thank you.
I love MRM, it saves me so much time recording data, which can be so time consuming. I really appreciate the ability to customize my Reports according to my preference. Excellent.

Medscope is a great company to deal with. I have always found them readily accessible by phone and happy to help with any queries or questions in a very pleasant manner.
For someone who did HMR previously without the help of software I can say that this is a massive time saver, adds an element of professionalism. Feedback from local GPs is positive with the RMMR and HMR formatting.

Very fast to deal with. Any requests have been resolved within a few days at the most
Nicholas Buete
the interview sheet doesnt show the strength of combination products. for example Seretide or micardis plus have the drug names but not the strength specified in the initial data entry.

Provides great organisation and easy to use. Highly recommend it.

This program is fantastic. It has made the whole process of medication reviews more streamlined and my time is used more efficiently. Highly recommended, particularly when managing multiple reviews at a time. Feedback from GPs has been great.

Excellent support, easy to get in touch with when I have had any questions.
Great support for independant consultant Pharmacists. Improves efficiencies such as invoicing and repeat referrals

Most helpful and happy to deal with any hiccups and will take on new ideas
Helen White
Streamlines the process and saves time. A very useful tool and produces great reports that results in a response from the GP every time.

Very helpful and always willing to work with you to solve any problem.
Samantha Evans
Good tool, and breath of fresh air in this current industry climate

Seem to be doing right by the professional and honest
I have been using MRM for a couple of years now and have used it to manage our team of 8 Accredited Pharmacists doing both HMRs and RMMRs. It has saved us a heap of time and provides us with consistency across our organisation.

I have recently created my own company doing HMRs and the support I have received from George has been superb. We have had some issues with getting HMR Alert installed at a Medical Practice that were caused by some corruptions in the doctor's database and he has stuck with it until we got it resolved.
Colin Dorn Master
Have been finding the entire program very user friendly and has made my work far more time effective

Excellent support - very prompt responses - thank you
Katalin (Kath) Town
I find MRM very helpful and saves me time in generating reports and interview sheets.

Very helpful and friendly. I have appreciated the phone calls to let me know little tips to make the software more personalised. Thank you :)
Amy Watson
It is great to have one program that can do it all, and which I can access on any computer with the internet. The potential issues and concerns is a good double check that nothing is missed and I like that I can then have all the information at the ready for a repeat review 12 months later. MRM also is a good business management tool, taking the hard work out of chasing repeat reviews and dispensary histories. I have used other software in the past and it was nowhere near as user friendly and cost much more.

I have found Medscope a great company to deal with - I had an issue where I had entered a doctor twice and wasn't sure how to fix it to tidy up the files. I spoke to a real person who knew what to do straight up and talked me through it. They also didn't talk to me like an idiot and discussed other matters at the same time. The fact that it is run by an accredited pharmacist and they are interested in CPD etc is really nice as well. Bit like the customer service we try to offer in pharmacy. Good job Medscope.
Katrina Pratt
This is an amazingly reliable, efficient and the most comprehensive pharmacy system I have come across. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement that can deliver the highest levels of pharmaceutical care to both patients and pharmacists. A pleasure to use. Thankyou

Can't commend you highly enough. Very professional, reliable and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. Thankyou
Kerri McConachy
I think MRM is fabulous, it saves me so much time and keeps me organised! There is no way I would do HMR's without MRM after using it for the last 6 months.

Havent had to deal with the company too much as I find MRM really easy to use, so haven't really had to make any enquiries!
Karine Williams
Very impressed with the program. I has definitely assisted in my report writing and speed, especially once you get used to it all.

The support has been excellent. The Medscope team always make time for my inquiries with concise and prompt replies. Thank you for an excellent product.
I find the MRM programme a fantastic tool for building my HMR business. From the first review, it has been easy to use and produces professional, consistent reports. The ability to manage the process from referral through to invoice payment on the one platform is great.

Medscope has been extremely easy to deal with. Any query I have had has been answered promptly and completely. I feel I am valued as a customer and that Medscope is invested in ensuring the success of my HMR business.
Justine Armstrong
Medication Review Manager simplifies & structures the review process from start to finish. It has dramatically increased the number of reviews that I can manage in a working week.

Medscope support have been able to solve any problems that may arise, which have been few, in a prompt and professional manner.
Georgina Woods
Awesome program that has much potential to develop your business as far as you want. I love the flexibility in that suggestions I may have are usually able to be incorporated into the program to make the workflow easier or personalize my reports. The program has enabled me to be more efficient and so has more than paid for itself in the extra HMR's I am able to do each week. It makes invoicing at the end of the month a breeze and it has simple to use, effective reporting options. It is now an integral part of my business.

I have found the Medscope team very professional in all their dealings and extremely efficient and helpful with any questions I have. (no matter how dumb!)They always return calls/emails and are very keen to take on board suggestions you may have for ways to improve the program. They feel like they are a member of your team working to help you deliver he best and most professional service you can.
Gavin Lowcock
I find the collation of teh data very helpful to me. I am capable of the clinical interventions but I need assistance with managing all of teh various databases for Doctors, patients and claiming. the MRM has helped me immensely.

The response and the assistance is excellent. The ability to dial in and work through the material one on one is very helpful
Karalyn Huxhagen
I would not hesitate to recommend MRM to other Consultant Pharmacists. From receipt of referral, to editing your final HMR Report, the system guides your work structure, assists with clinical issues & generates a HMR Report Template that GPs love. I have received almost all completed Management Plans back from the GPs, which gives me insight & confidence as to whether my recommendations are being implemented. Thank you MRM!

Exceptional responsiveness,great mentoring,excellent rapport & client focus. Medscope,Peter & George are my 3 favourite things!
Marea Patounas
Very easy to use, makes the admin side of things much easier. The clinical side of the program could be expanded more in the future to identify more drug related problems.

Excellent service, very helpful.
Josephine Sattler
Can we adjust the program so that when you are inputting the pathology, it goes back to where you were e.g. eosinophills

Juanita Wolsky
Great system which helps produce easy to follow reports that doctors appreciate, as well as helping me manage large volumes of referrals. The iPad version could be improved by requiring touch and hold, rather than tap, to select items on lists and action buttons to avoid accidental selections.

Dean Taylor
This has made such a difference to the speed and efficiency of my HMR practice. Previously the paperwork wore me down but now I am enjoying the HMR experience so much more. I have also had great feedback from doctors and other pharmacies who have changed to me as an HMR provider because of the quality of the reports. I believe this has a lot to do with the improved layout of my reports using Medscope.

Extremely responsive to any problem I have had.
Has great potential for our business.

Tony McElroy
Just thought I would send a note to let you know the difference using your program has made to my HMR/DMMRís. Have been doing these for a number of years, and always struggled to get a response from the local Drís. Since I have been using your program and your reports I have had a WRITTEN response from each and every Dr I have sent them to; often with a verbal discussion. I think the key is the report format and the Report and Management Plan page........ Very impressed.... and so it appears are the Drís because I am starting to get more referrals too.

Chris Colley
I have found this tool very useful in creating reviews. As yet I have not used the tool to its full extent as I only completing reviews part itme and thus still havea lot to learn.

The program has help me save a lot of time entering data and creating a data base of clients, doctors and pharmacies. - Thank you!

Fantastic to deal with, very friendly and helpful and continuing to improve their program which is great to see - Well Done!
Jo Poon
A useful tool to help streamline the HMR process. Its a great way to collate and process the data necessary to produce comprehensive, succinct reports for GP's. Well done!

Always very helpful and responsive. All requests/queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Thank you and well done on a great service.
really good, excellent!! If people are still using mediflags they shouldn't be!

Very good support. V helpful
Matthew Fietz
Should only get better, some issues and recommendation need fine tuning. Overall happy with product.

Very good company to deal with. Quick response to queries.
Recently I have commenced using Medscope MRM and it is proving to be a very efficient, easily manipulated program. It provides many clinical prompts which are useful and improve the information provided in the report.

The Medscope team attend to any questions promptly and are always very helpful with maximising use of all the programs features.
Sharon M Doolan
I have just signed up to start this year after MRM being highly recommended by a collegue. Now my girls are sick of hearing me say how much i love the program!! I love it so much I've been told to marry it, and if it makes my life this easy then why not!! I found the tutorials super easy to follow and I have not been this organised in the 5 years I've been accredited. Reports are now a breeze to work through and not the stressful event i once viewed them as!. Thank you MRM!

They have been more than helpful in getting me started and the hiccups i have had. They are very prompt and efficient in getting in touch.
Rochelle Olsen
I have switched over to MRM from another program and found the transition was simple and made the whole management of the HMR process much more efficient. I take my iPad to the nterview and have been able to use it during the interview with MRM active and this has also aided more accurate note taking and efficient report writing.

Medscope have always contacted me in a timely manner and never dismiss my questions as being too simple. I have even had some questions sorted out on a Sunday!! Very happy with the service.
A wonderful tool for the independent consultant!!! Is like 2 extra sets of hands in the office-a back-up/prompt for clinical decisions as well as an administration assistant to help with the time consuming side of referral generation and Medicare claiming.

Nothing is ever a problem for the IT staff, friendly, helpful and efficient. Fantastic company to deal with.
Kay Knight
I love the program. Very user friendly. I'm now able to produce consistent format of reporting in a professional manner. Did I mention the GP's feedback? Well I can't say that I don't get them now!

Very easy to deal with. George & Peter are quick to solve any problems/queries. A treasure for accredited pharmacists
Vi Le
I have been using Medscope MMR for a few months now. I am enjoying the new way of operating and doing my HMR's and RMMR's. The most noticeable difference in the time at interview. It now takes on average 30 minutes whereas It was taking me 1.5hr previously.

Medscope is a great company to deal with. Every problem I have come up with has been solved very quickly, and They appear to be interested in suggestions of program improvements.
I wish I had tried using MRM earlier, the time saved and the organisation have meant that I am able to take on more reviews. The audit trial is especially useful; at any one time I can easily see what I have to do, who I need to chase for money etc. I have just taken on some rmmr contracts and can't wait for next year when all the information will be easily at hand and the whole process at lot simplified

whenever I have requested information it has been dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
Has been very helpful with producing reports and organising reviews

Very good. I have always had probelms/questions followed us straight away and resolved. It is nice to have that personal contact of a phone call/email rather than a generic answer.
Jane Tinetti
I like it. I think it will become an integral part of HMR in the future. Good job

Gagan Johar
As some one who has used other software programs for medication reviews (and promptly deserting them) in the past, I must admit that was very impressed with this product from the very outset. After trying out a single review out of the three free available after registration, I immediately signed up for the Plan 48.

Not only is it easy to access and use, the features it has such as google maps, calendars, invoicing, scheduling, SMS reminders, auto request of histories from the pharmacies (and soon pathology from the clinics) and so much more makes this the best system, hands down.

The support is fantastic and feedback that I have given to Medscope has always been well received and implemented where appropriate/possible. It almost feels like I am personalising my own software program.

Well done. Highly recommended for any pharmacist considering medication reviews.

Samer Hakim

quite easy to navigate, but new medication added cannot be saved on the system?

Produces a very professional and easy to follow report. Great depth of data available for analysis. Love it

George and Peter could not be more helpful or informative. They are always only a phone call away and follow up quickly on any requests.
Louise McMahon
Easy to use, saves time and presents well. Easy to get help and follow up.

The support has been terrific!

I would recommend Medscope to anyone looking to improve their efficiency due to the strealined approach. The reports themselves look very professional and feedback from the GP's has been 100%.

I have encountered no problems dealing with Medscope
Marsha Watson
Thankyou for hosting the Medscope Webinar on Tuesday. While I was familiar with a lot of the features discussed having used the program, I found the demonstration of reminders and follow-up reports, and customizing your own reports via preferences, particularly useful. I will start preparing some follow-up reminders and hope some more referrals will be generated via this method which is very proactive!

MRM makes writing reports SO easy. What used to take 2 hours now only takes me 30 minutes. The payment plans are very reasonable and flexible.

Whenever I have had a suggestion or problem, my email or call was replied to promptly and my problems were completely solved to my satisfaction. No complaints.
Pam Bellette
I have been waiting for a program like this for a long time! Each step of the HMR process is managed: from referal, scheduling, interviewing, report writing, payment and 12 month follow-up. And Dr's love the format of the Medication Management Plan and HMR report. I believe it is a fanstic tool for running a sucessful HMR bussiness.

Catherine Wruck
I love the program , it has made the whole process alot quicker and more streamlined. It has given me greater confidence in writing my reports.

I have found them excellent to deal with , always extremely professional, pleasant and always happy to deal with even the smallest of problems.
Catherine Wykes.BPharm.MRN-2577
MRM provides a fantastic basis upon which to build my HMR reports. I love the format and the fact that it gives me a start on which to base my reports. The system isn't selective for individual patients, so the information gathered at interview is still vitally important. It certainly helps time-wise and has been a huge help to my report writing.

Wonderful, very receptive to suggestion as to improvement of lay-out, such as introducing tables to tidy up the report. Quick to respond and good at solving small issues I've encountered. I feel really confident in medsope's ability to solve any problems I've experienced. The constant improvements to the system are a bonus.
Deborah Harding
I am happy with MedscopeAnonymous
After loading additional report sections or having just making your selection of the suggested report items, it needs to be made more clear that the 'NEXT' button is to be pressed rather than the 'SUBMIT' button. More Medical history conditions need to be incorporated into the system... the selection at present seems a little deminishe (at first experience only).

Very helpful and co-operative. No Pressure.... I think our business association will be a long and healthy relationship particularly considering that I love to interact.
Richard COX
Can be tedious to enter in pathology results - perhaps being able to enter multiple dates at a time would help this. I usually don't include the pathology results in my report, as they have come from the GP anyway.

I have always had prompt assistance, and my suggestions/requests were acted on.
Natasha Cleaves
I Like it. Keeps my records in order and is very smooth to deal with. a wonderful device for doing reviews. My only annoyance is I bought an ipad to do them on bt have to use a noral computer to do the final review. Maybe a tweak to a format that Ipad wouldn't scramble would be useful

Love the program, user friendly, & finally get feedback from the doctors.

Very responsive to my requests
Mike Anderson
I have found this program makes writing the reports so much easier - this was the part of HMR that I found the most time consuming. I have found it easy to use

Pam Mathers
Great system, improves your efficiency in dealing with review. Billing service for RMMR is fantastic

Great help always . Every question dealt with in a timely manner
Helen White
My doctors are now reporting back with management plans.

The couple of times I have had any problems (IT) with using Medscope the problem has been dealt with very efficient and quickly to resolve the glits.
Bente Hart
We have five accredited pharmacists using MRM for both HMRs and RMMRs. We love it as it saves heaps of time and makes the management of the whole process from referral to payment a lot easier.

Medscope have been very responsive to our needs and have made several improvements to the program at our request.
Peter Fell
I am finding MRM excellent to help me write my HMR reports. I am still getting used to all the little things and although I have been accredited for a few years, I have not completed many reviews so am still working out exactly what to put in my reports. I do find that the MRM generated reports are set out differently to the templates I have been using in the past. I really like the report and management plan set-up and am pleased to say that I have received feedback from one of our GP's on 2 of my reports last week.

No doubt about the improved feedback from the GPs, MRM's management plan works well for them. The boss loves the income steam which is growing through the improved GP uptake. I love that I produce consistently well presented HMR reports with content I can be confident in. The clients I interview comment that it is a very thorough appraisal of their current state of health. Thumbs up from me

Easy to contact, if my call can't be taken , call back is prompt. Better than that you actually welcome my feed back and offer useful solutions
Sanjay Jhaveri
I am happy with the reports generated, has speeded up reports, but not as much as hoped. Have some frustations with entering data and not having medical conditions listed that I need. I have found the report section before it goes to word quite clunky to use, am tending to go straight to word before I modify anything. Overall I am happy with the product and will certainly continue using - I think it has tightened up my reports.

I have been using Medscope for my reviews a lot towards the end of 2010 . I am receiving faxed Management Plans from many of the GPs I am working with, all of whom obviously like the new report layout and in turn are "loading" me up with many more referrals !!

Penny Liddell
Congratulations on creating a very useful tool for accredited pharmacists that is encouraging a lot more collaboration than ever before !

Just thought I would mention that I think your software is really good. Very user friendly! I have just signed on for the 48 plan.

Working well so far, saves time typing very similar things into word templates.

Excellent service, problems on the weekend are fixed. Plus a phone call to let you know it has been fixed.
Michael Macdonald