Appointment Book

MedsCK™ has an in-built appointment book for scheduling and managing MedsChecks so you don't need a separate application for tracking your reviews. MedsCK™ is self-contained and includes everything you require to complete a MedsCheck, from appointment to claiming.

Features Features
  • Click on any time slot to schedule a MedsCK appointment.
  • Click and drag to change appointments to a new time slot.
  • Click on an existing appointment to view patient details and Edit, Delete or mark as No Show.
  • Click on New MedsCheck button to perform a MedsCK for walk-ins.
  • View appointments by Day, Week or Month to get a snapshot of your MedsCK schedule.
  • Manage your reviews by printing daily run sheets for any day of the week.
  • Colour coding to mark appointments as Open (red), Completed (grey) and No Shows (green).