HMR/RMMR Connectivity to GPs

An Accredited pharmacist's assets lie in the relationships they develop with their GPs.

Medscope along with our collaborative partners are working toward a smart eReferral system to create a direct link between GP and individual pharmacists. Smart diagnostic tools on the desktop are able to alert the Doctor to patients who would most likely benefit form an HMR, and enable the GP to send the referral directly, electronically and securely to the pharmacist with a single mouse-click.

The benefits of an electronic eReferral system are:
  • Smart identification of high risk patients in order to meet the 7CPA objectives of providing HMRs to the target group
  • Alert these patients to the GP and assist in making the referral process easy for the GP.
  • Sending all the relevant referral data (including pathology) to your MRM account electronically - avoiding data entry errors and referrals that are lost or not delivered to the accredited pharmacist in a timely manner.
  • Provide the GP with a mechanism to allow them to track the progress of referred HMRs.
  • Strengthen the relationship between GP and pharmacist by maintain a direct line between the two health professionals.

RMMR Collaborative Referral Portal

If you find yourself spending considerable time chasing the collaborative referral paperwork from GPs, then the RMMR Collaborative Referral portal may solve your problem. Request and receive Collaborative RMMR referrals from GPs electronically. No paper, no faxing .... instantaneous electronic communication.

The RMMR collaborative referral portal is linked into your MRM account's Facility Site Visit manager, and allows the pharmacist and GP to communicate together to manage the referral process for the residents under the GP's care. The portal provides significant time savings for both pharmacist and GP ..... watch YouTube how-to video
Step 1: Plan a facility site visit
- From the Referral tab, select the "RMMR Facility Site Manager" option
- Select facility visiting and the date of the planned visit
- Update the patient list (add new patients, identify patients who have left or past-away)

Step 2: Request collaborative referrals.
- Click "Request GP Collaborative Referral" button
- Separate email sent to each GP with coded link to the RMMR Collaborative referral portal

Step 3: GP Refers
- GP logs into RMMR Collaborative Referral portal
- GP marks which referrals they will sign-off on
- GP Submits request
- Pharmacist receives notification email when referral process completed by GP
- Accepted referrals are automatically placed in pharmacist MRM account as new referrals

HMR integration

HMR Alert

Medscope has developed a MRM associasted widget that can be configured to alert GPs if a patient meets their criteria for recommending an HMR, and automatically load the referral into the accredited pharmacist's active MRM account - in real time when the patient is in the GP's consultation room. ..... more about HMRAlert