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Status: Version 5.00M

Medscope HMR & RMMR Medication Review Software

Medication Review Manager™(MRM) is the most comprehensive medical review management software on the market. Specifically designed for accredited pharmacists, MRM provides management, decision support, reporting and business development in one package. Manage your entire HMR/RMMR business from a single platform.

** Tele-Health and Follow-Up Review Updates **

Medscope has adopted an Agile development process to implement the numerous and complex procedural changes required to support the new Tele-health and Follow-up processes. This means updates to MRM will be released in fast incremental stages to keep one step ahead of pharmacists’ requirements.

To keep up to date with the latest MRM changes visit our Latest Updates page on a regular basis. Every update will also be announced on twitter as they are released.

Your feedback is vitally important. Let us know how we can assist you in automating processes to help your workflow. email:

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